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Dear Homey ,

*sighs …where to start mutha fucker wake the fuck up! i know ppl make mistakes and if you truly love someone your heart will be able to forgive in do time.
Yet if he is continuously CHEATING ON YOU he does not LOVE OR RESPECT YOU!
Find away to pull yourself out this endless cycle of heartbreak.
You are not loving YOURSELF by excepting this hideous behavior. Also understand that you might be addicted to DRAMA! Granted makeup SEX , is AMAZING . BUT this is ridiculous!!
i will NOLONGER sit and watch you torture ur heart. Also the longer you stay with this sorry excuse of a man the longer the damages become more VISIBLE !! Other men well SEE the stain of heartbreak and lack of self confidence. This will only make other USER MEN attracted to you. While the GREAT ones shake there heads and dont even attempt pursuing You…………

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